Our Services

PT. Mulia Mitra Solusi provides solutions for wide range of different industries:



Building and construction

Coated Fabrics

Engineered Components



Glass and Steel



Oil, Chemical, and Marine


Seals and Gaskets

Wheel and tyres

Grommets, bearings, bushes, flexible couplings

Ceramic filters, Speciality metals alloys, Silicon release agent

Moulds for concrete, gate seals, concrete pump parts, waterproofing

Conveyor Belts, fuel storage tanks, power transmission belts

Sprockets, wire guides, rail draft gear, stripper plates, press brake pads, cutting boards, business machine belts, couplings

Encapsulation, insulation potting, cable joining

Chute lining, grain buckets

Fused cast refractories/firebricks for furnace, foundry binder

Swallow bird nest product

Conveyor Rollers, Scrapper blades, floatation cell impellers

Bushing, bearing, hydrocyclones, buoys, pipelining pigs and scrapers, fender, valve seats

Board rollers, metal forming, printing, conveyor, can coating, paper mill

Pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms

Fork-lift tyres, heavy duty castor wheels, escalator wheels, roller skate wheels, roller blade wheels