Rubber Additives

Rubber Additives such as Antioxidant, Accelerator, PVI, Insoluble Sulfur and many other related chemicals are commonly used to support rubber processing.

For Antioxidant it is important additive to improve rubber resistance against heat, sunlight, oxidation, ozone, and mechanical stress and we provide selection of 6 PPD and TMQ as rubber antioxidant.

Meanwhile for Accelerator to speed up the reaction process we offer MBT, MBTS, CBS, DPG in both powder and granular form.

To add on our product portfolio we also supply various kind of synthetic rubber material such SBR 1502, KNB 35 L, KBR 01, NBR PVC 7030, EPDM and also Carbon Black N 330 / N 550.

All our Rubber Chemicals material are certified by ISO 9001 & 14001 accreditation also passed REACH registration certificate to ensure prime highest quality to be used in our rubber manufacture customer all over the world.