PU Waterproofing Coating

The need of waterproofing and protection of constructions for a better future and living conditions has led to new innovations and the use of high state-of-art synthetic polyurethane polymers, the so-called liquid membranes. Polyurethane Waterproofing offer excellent superior performances and durability compare to acrylic based Waterproofing.

Polyurethane Waterproofing Membranes show high resistance to standing water, thus it can be used on flat roofs without particularly good slopes. It provides a simple, secure and easy solution to difficult sealing points (e.g. corners, edges, joints with roof outlets, etc.).It creates a continuous, elastic membrane with excellent mechanical strength, without joints or seams, and is used for both total sealing of flat roof surfaces and for local waterproofing of cracks.

Polyurethane is an elastic, durable, and flexible material that can be used for waterproofing purposes. It has many possible industrial applications, but thanks to its properties, it is a great option when you want to waterproof something. The benefits of polyurethane waterproofing prove that it is one of the top choices when trying to decide on a material and method.