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Product Characteristic

Nanotechnology is the art and science of manipulating matter at the atomic scale, typically between 1 and 100 nanometers (1 nanometer = 1 x 10-9 meter). Nanotechnology provides breakthrough creative solutions in our daily life and wide range of industrial application.

StopWet is an easy one step application, durable water repelling treatment that can be applied by variety of methods including dip, spin, brush, roller, spray, aerosol can or ink-jet printing.

The innovative superhydrophobic technology allows surface coating to create water contact angle of 160-175 ̊ in order to force water bounce and roll it off from the surface, “Lotus effect”.

StopWet typically can cover 4-8m2 per litre, depending on the layer thickness applied (± 25 microns) and absorbency of the subtrates. The packing itself is available in aerosol can or trigger sprayer for commercial use and also in pail or tin can for industrial scale.


Product Key Features

StopWet is a versatile designed superhydrophobic coating and has many advantages to offer.

  • Water Repellency
  • Ice Prevention
  • Self Cleaning
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Anti Microbial
  • Optical Clairity
  • Breathable Surface Area


Product Shelf-life and Durability

When StopWet is stored between 10 ̊C to 32 ̊C, the shelf life of unopened packing coating material is expected to remain at least one year. While the durability of the coated surface is depending on environmental conditions, in many situations the superhydrophobic action may be reduced with excessive abrasion. Typically, the surfaces area that is treated with moderate level of superhydrophobic coating should last a year or more.